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Frequently Asked Questions about the E. Y. Berry Library-Learning Center

Library FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Please stop by the Library Information Desk or contact us at or 605-642-6250 if you need further assistance.


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General Information

When is the Library open?

See our Hours page.


How do I get a library card?

If you are a student, staff member, or faculty member, your Buzz Card serves as your library card.


Where is the Library Information Desk?

The Library Information Desk, sometimes referred to as the Circulation Desk, is located in the center of the first floor of the library.

If you have computer issues, please see the IT Help Desk, which is also on the first floor of the library—look for the bright orange wall.


Can I print in the Library?

There are two Campus Printers in the library: one on first floor across from the IT Help Desk and one on the second floor on the west side of the building. Every desktop computer in the Library is networked to the Campus Printers for black-and-white and color printing.

If you would like to print from your personal device, you will need to install software first:

You need to have money on your Buzz Card in order to print.


Can I scan or make photocopies in the Library?

Scanning can be done from any campus printer, either page-by-page or via the document feeder. There are two Campus Printers in the library: one on first floor across from the IT Help Desk and one on the second floor on the west side of the building.

Scans can be done at no charge. Photocopies (printing those scans) are charged at regular printing rates. Patrons not affiliated with BHSU should ask about scanning and photocopying at the Library Information Desk.


What is my username/password to log into the Library Catalog (Primo)?

If you are a current student, faculty, or staff at BHSU, your username is your BH email address. Use the same password that you use for your email. If you do not remember your password, you can reset it at

If you are a local patron, your username is your Library Card number. If you have never logged in before, or if you forgot your password, you can have a reset link sent to the email address you signed up with: The reset page will ask for either your library card number or the email address you provided on your library card application. If you do not have this information or did not provide a valid email address with your application, please contact the Library Information Desk.


I lost something in the library. Where can I go to find it?

Lost & Found for the entire campus is located in the administrative suite on the main floor of the Student Union.

Using Library Collections

Where can I check out or return books?

Books must be checked out at the Library Information Desk. They can be returned at the Library Information Desk or in the book drop just outside the front doors of the library.


How do I find books and other publications owned by the Library?

Search our Library Catalog to determine if we have the book or other item you want.

Items in the MAIN BOOK COLLECTION, OVERSIZED BOOK COLLECTION, REFERENCE, and MAIN CD/DVD are located on the second floor of the library. 

Items in PERIODICALS and CURRICULUM must be requested at the Library Information Desk.

Items in CASE LIBRARY and ARCHIVES must be used in the library in Room 015 during Case Library’s regular hours.


How do I renew an item?

You can renew books and other items by:

  • E-mailing
  • Calling 605-642-6250
  • Stopping by the Library Information Desk
  • Using your online Library Account. Your online library account can be accessed from the Library Catalog or by clicking the "My Library Account" link at the bottom of any page on the Library's website:


What if the library does not own the book or article I need?

You can request books, articles, and other library materials through interlibrary loan.


Where do I pick up my interlibrary loan items?

You can get your interlibrary loan items at the Library Information Desk on first floor.


My professor put a book on reserve for my class. Where do I pick up reserve books?

Reserve items are located at the Library Information Desk. Your professor sets the check-out period, from 2 hours to 3 days. Most reserve items do not leave the library.


How many reserve items can I check out?

You can check out a total of five reserve items at one time.


Does the Library have computers I can use?

A few desktops are available on a first come, first served basis on the first floor of the library.

Laptops are available for check out at the Library Information Desk. You may use them for up to 12 hours and they cannot be taken out of the library building. Power cords are available upon request.


Can I check out a Swivl?

Swivl Robots (aka Swivls) are available for check out at the Library Information Desk. Check out times are variable dependent upon your needs.

Swivl Robots are devices that are used to capture video using your phone or tablet. The speaker wears a "marker" which allows the robot to rotate in order to keep the speaker on camera.

Other Questions

Can I put money on my Buzz Card at the Library?

You can deposit money on your Buzz Card with cash at the self-service kiosk across from the IT Help Desk. You can also add money online at: or via the Buzz Card mobile app.

More information on Buzz Cards can be found here:


I would like the library to purchase a book. How do I make the request?

Requests for the library to purchase books, DVDs, and other material can be sent to Michael Tolan, at


Can I donate materials to the library?

Yes. Please see our Donation Policy in our Library Forms & Policies guide.


How do I place materials on reserve?

Information on Course Reserves is available in our Library Forms & Policies guide. 


Does the University offer any Library programs?

Black Hills State University does not currently offer any Library Media minors or endorsements.